FrauLytics is an advanced analytics based ecosystem enabled to detect, tackle, validate and prevent fraud.

  • It is not a solution; It is an ECOSYSTEM.
  • Leverage the cross functional Domain Knowledge and Advanced Analytics capabilities to detect and neutralize frauds at Real time.
  • Identification and quantification of Fraud Scenarios backed by - KPI Monitoring and Tracking System & Advanced Analytics based system.

What we bring to the table

Leverage analytical capabilities to identify and quantify traffic fraud scenarios impacting Client. Identify the optimal option to tackle fraud, and focus on implementing fraud prevention using an analytical approach.
Generate tangible impact through tactical and structural initiatives to ensure improvement:
  • Decrease in missed revenue due to fraud.
  • Reduction of costs driven by fraud.
  • Decline of collection problems.
Fraud and Cyber security specialist  who has in-depth working experience.  And has strong Domain experience in Core network and IP , regulatory and Advanced Analytics knowledge. Facilitate fact-based discussions concerning fraud and prevention.Building and expanding required capabilities, skills, processes and mechanisms to reduce fraud and consequences.
Complement or consider developing a semi-automated dashboard and visual tools. Speed up future analyses, normalizing internal reporting under a ‘common language’ to ensure impact is achieved and sustained.

Business Benefits

The main benefits of Collaboration are two fold - Generate Tangible Impact and Enable new capabilities.

Fraud Capability Development

Secured Ecosystem

Reduction of Leakage

Profitability Gain

Service Experience