• Social Media Relationship Management
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A solution that provides a capability for collecting, integrating, and investigating individual subscriber transcripts from CRM and online Social Platforms for deeper and holistic insight in what subscriber thinks and what they like or dislike.

  • Helps in Understanding sources and trends specific to your business, allowing you to select and classify types, which helps you in actionable decisioning.
  • Listens to customer comments and conversations through social channels, and engaging and developing relationships with influencer and communities.
  • Advanced Analytics based Subscriber Demographic breakdown, Segmentations and Psychographic Profiling.

What we bring to the table

  • Information rich dashboards.
  • Performance Analysis.
  • Topics and suggestions.
  • Interact with social analytics.
  • Understand sentiment in detail.
  • Follow suggestions to insights.
  • Expand analytics horizons.


Collects stakeholder feedback via APIs, crawlers, etc. in real time.

Analyses using Natural Language Processing algorithms.

Displays actionable insights in real time on live interactive dashboards.

Business Benefits

BI and Reporting

Dashboards, Trends, Patterns based insights.

Advanced Analytics

  • Customer Behavior Patterns and Segments.
  • Price and Promotion Modeling.

Social Intelligence

  • Multi-dimensional cubes with social data.
  • Slice and dice the social metrics.

Audience profiling

  • Social activity based segments.
  • Integrating social and Behavioural profiles .

Competitor Analysis

  • Comparison of Competitors.
  • Content comparison.
  • Brand Perception.

Voice of Customer

  • Voice from social media.
  • Scoring on Critical to Quality CTQ metrics of customer experience.

Influence detection

  • Build and visualize Communities.
  • Key Influencers and their profiles.

Audience engagement

  • Multi-channel customer engagement.
  • Subscription – Access - Communication.